Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Japanese Should Get Busted on RICO

I really think it should be deemed a criminal act for an Asian restaurant -- one in the unappetizing milieu of a busy international airport -- so far from an Italian that may as well consider themselves as cratered lunar blue cheese -- to not only take pasta dishes but to elevate them to the sublime. Put it this way -- a Japanese "Italian restaurant" owner is not going to cater to anyone's tastes, especuially those of the Japanese, who like their food so bland the Bobby Blue, a picky eater, gave himself a third name in honor of Japan's true efforts to be the purveyor's of the blandest food on a the planet. A Japanese person invented, then perfected, then fossilized hospital food for all mankind. Tht's the manking Neil Armstrong was busy flubbing his landing on the moon statement about. But dame=ned if some evil little hole in the wall delivered to me, a hungry traveler for pasta -- ANY pasta, a magnificent dish of bacon peperoncini with a glass of genuine dry Italian rosé wine on the side this evening. I'm going to ferret that place out again and bring Tai-chan here for dinner one day. We'll play plane spotting all day and then cap it all off with a cool Italian dish at that place -- lucky for me, I made off with their receipt holder by accident so I have their name. I promise it shall be so. And not a comment nor a visit from all of my loyal students. Hey! Yo! You gon' be here one day! Pay attention cause we're gonna have a test!! Maybe a taste, too!

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