Thursday, July 24, 2014


First the good news: I will be flying for my very first time on a Boeing Dreamliner (Air Canada) on my Toronto to Haneda leg. I have never been to Haneda, which is the "domestic" airport in Tōkyō (not Narita).

I am not sure why Air Canada would want to fly from Toronto to the domestic terminal in Tōkyō, but that is fine by me.

The bad news is that for about the last two or three hours of that flight, we will be deep in Russian airpspace (see graphic). I really doubt that the Russians have a beef with Canada per se, but it seems to me that things at the Kremlin have not been going so well lately. And we know what "things not going well" means to Russians. It means "Тост! Другой тост наших канадских товарищей по Air Canada Flight 05!" ("A toast! Another toast to our Canadian comrades on Air Canada Flight 05!")

Vladimir and me. He can be hilarious, but so can a spitting cobra, if you catch it coming out of a mongoose comedy club

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