Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bike Shopping

We hopped the train to Shin-Ōmiya to buy a bicycle for Tai-chan. It's only one stop away, but stepping outside at noon was like stepping into a pizza oven. It was at least 35°C, no matter what the actual weather data say, and we sweltered as we made our way to the Aeon Bike shop -- an entity I had no idea existed escaped for the brilliant advice from someone at Mellow Café. (More about that place later.)

So . . . we picked out a bike that he liked -- total price, $538, including all accoutrements, extra insurance, blah blah blah,  and it's a killer. I guess it better be, at that price . . . but after all, it's his 13th birthday plus Christmas and I'd rather he had this than a computer game.

His mother happily destroyed his PS3 during a shouting match by throwing it against a wall -- besides, I'd prefer him riding around on a bike than playing Grand Theft Auto.

We also bought him an amp for his guitar, but I'll go into that tomorrow . . . it's a typical Japan Fail story.

So here are the pics and the movie . . .

Nick tries Tai-chan's bike (not to fall off it)
The Beast

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